About Me

Barcelona. April, 2019.

Barcelona. April, 2019.

I was born in Moscow (Russia), in a country with a strong historical visual legacy and from a young age I was surrounded by people from the art movement in my city. I studied Graphic Design at the Institute of Contemporary Art of Moscow (2005-2011). Even before finishing University, I started working as a graphic designer at my professor's studio, combining work and study, that was really helpful in order to gain some professional experience while finishing art school. After graduation, I worked for JWT advertising agency, the most important media holdings of Moscow Afisha and Rambler&Co and the biggest russian news agency RIA Novosti, always moving to higher positions and more responsibilities within these companies.

My artistic background helped me grow in different directions of graphic design: print, web, interactive, editorial, gaming, apps, identity, and packaging. This knowledge and abilities allowed me to work with several different industries such as tv producers, fintechs, blockchain developers, web and app developers, helping them make their products and services with the necessary visual impact, to reach the heart and mind of their investors and clients. My main tasks in these projects included not only the graphic conceptualization, but also structuring the information necessary to generate the right message.

My expertise lies in creating concepts and finding solutions always with enthusiasm and professionalism. I like working within teams and learning new things. My priority is not to compete with others, but to co-design a visually aesthetic habitat able to help us to communicate with a rapidly changing world.

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